Wednesday, March 04, 2009


If anyone reads my blog that seriously you would remember the challenges that I set for myself last summer. It was called "Do Hard Things." I expanded my list a bit on my own. I thought I would update you on how that is all going.

1. One of the things was to get knee surgery. arghh. Did it. Found out I have a disease. The tumors are back. Which makes running a 5k impossible for me at the time, which was the next thing on the list. Oh well. When life gives you lemons right?

2. One of the things I challenged myself to was to become a better musician. Well, God thought I was serious on that one. Since then, I auditioned and became a professional Dickens Christmas Caroler. Got paid to sing all weekend. BUT it was stinkin hard. I had to train my ear to hear an alto note and find an alto note when they played the soprano note on the pitch pipe. eeek. Did it. Sang for Carol Channing, she said we were wonderful. If you don't know who she is, she starred on Broadway as the original Hello Dolly and starred in the movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie."
AND I learned to play, very simply play, the accordian and trumpet. Working on learning the cello as well. I know 5 notes on the cello. I love learning instruments. Who knew? It is amazing what we can do if we challenge ourselves.

I had a conversation with a great new friend at church named Kat VanRhee. She and I were discussing that it is important to not remain comfortable. And we agreed that it is not only related to spiritual things, it is just good to challenge yourself in many areas. She ate sushi, I learned the trumpet. and yes, those are equally hard for Kat and I. =)

3. The next goal I had was to become a morning person. I am getting better and since then have enjoyed the occasional early morning. When I get up, I enjoy them. There is something special about morning air, the quiet of the streets, the sunlight, and just being up earlier. I think maybe we were designed to be up. Well, I need help on this one.

4. One of the goals was to become financially responsible and aware. I am currently enrolled in a class at my church called "Financial Peace University." Dave Ramsey rocks and I feel enlightened. Finally getting there. Plan to be close to done with my loan this year and live debt free. Woot woot. Working on it. Definately not there yet. BUT sure am learning. The detailed budget is the kicker, stick to it Merea, stick to it!!!!!! Us singles have a hard time with impulse purchases and the "we owe it to ourselves" lie. Here I go, hard things. man.

5. Keep in touch with friends better. that is my next one. Stephanie, what do you think? Have I done better at all? =) and Rachel Marshman, I have been meaning to call you chica!!!!!! I am working on it. ha ha ha.

6. Tap into my inner thespian. It has been peeping out more and more lately, well, it is full blown. I love performing in musicals. I have been in 2 this year. and realizing that I should have been doing this more. I love it.

Do hard things!

Much love from the aspiring thespian, accordian playing, trumpet blowing, dickens caroling, tumor infested, financial guru, early mornin lovin(hating sometimes), ever failing and trying again.... Merea

(the picture after my show the other night, fake eyelashes, oh sweet theater makeup bliss)