Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knee surgery...

I had knee surgery on September 28. About a month and a week ago. I am doing well and I would like to thank so many people who blessed my soul!

First, My Mom, Dad and Jenni for taking me surgery and being there for me. It is nice to know I am not alone.

Mom and Dad: for taking off work, waiting on me, cooking me meals, helping me with my meds and caring more than I ever could ask for.

Bethany and TK Scott: I will never be able to express how grateful I am for your friendship to me. Thank you for opening your house for a whole week and a half and letting me take over your home, thank you for meals, thank you for serving me. I am so blessed by you two!

Sandy: For coming to visit, bringing flowers, listening, praying and painting my toenails.

Jenni and Art: for laughing at me when I was high on Norcos. =)

Sylvia Cowells and family: for visiting me, bringing flowers and making me get well cards.

Melissa and Bekah: My two RAs who drove all the way to Beaumont to bring me starbucks and flowers.

Ian: Thank you for my guitar, the cheesecake, for moving me back, grocery shopping and lots of encouraging words.

Ashley Rotter: For making me a get well bag, with Starbucks and magazine.

Heather Hubbert: for DVDs, cards, pumpkin cookies, visits and never ending encouragement.

Kristin W: for the West Wing and your surprise visit, even though I wasn't there. ha ha

Marcella and Andrew: for the visit and subway lunch.

Colleen Chao: For driving all the way to Beaumont to see me

My RAs for the there never ending encouragement, visits, support and big huge chocolate cupcake! oh and the constant reprimands for walking too much! =)

Kyle Smith for visiting and making a delicious fall dinner.

Hillary B for the coffee and visits.

Jay Stovall for taking me to physical therapy.

Hannah: for the chick-fil-a, visits and rides to therapy.

Dorothy and Mel for the visit and cheer.

Paul, Lindsay and Ally for the surprise visit.

Stephanie, Hope and Anna for the lovely card and get well phone calls, I loved that!

There are so many ways that I was blessed.

Thank you God for a job that provides health insurance and for a great surgeon.

My heart is full.

Sorry about the pictures. That is weird.

Monday, November 08, 2010


Lately, I have had blogger's block. A few of my dear friends have asked that I write again. Since I will have more time later, I thought I would post a quick and encouraging story I heard yesterday.
It is from Charles Spurgeon and his contemplation of the verse "My Grace is sufficient for you..."

He was riding home and he compared himself to a little fish swimming in the Thames River, and he was worried that he might drink too much water and dry up the river. The Thames said to him, "Drink away little fish. My stream is sufficient for you."

Next he thought of a little mouse in the storehouses of Egypt. He was afraid that his daily eating would empty the supply and he would starve to death. Then Joseph comes and says, "Cheer up, little mouse. My granaries are sufficient for you."

Then he thought of a man climbing a high mountain to reach its summit and dreading lest his breathing might exhaust all the oxygen in the atmosphere. The Creator booms His voice out of heaven saying, "Breathe away, oh man, and fill your lungs. My atmosphere is sufficient for you!"

What is it that you think will exhaust the Grace of God in your life? Drink deeply, eat your fill and breathe it in, for it never runs dry........