Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Connected Soles

My friend Tyler and met for breakfast the day he left for Vietnam 2 years ago. We were talking about the sacrifice of leaving home, for the advancment of the Kingdom and decided that we would trade flip flops. We traded and vowed that everytime we wear each pair of shoes we would pray for one another. And since in Southern Cal you wear flip flops almost everyday, even on dressy occasions, it worked. I am reminded of Tyler often when I look at my feet. It reminds me of the verse in scripture that says, "how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Here in Socal and Vietnam.
BUT, something terrible happened to the pair of sandals that I had given Tyler. Yesterday I opened my email and read a title of an email from Ty. It read: "Our friendship is in peril!" I thought, OH NO! I opened the email and to my surprise Tyler had sent a picture of the broken shoe and a message. I was saddened. Our footwear friendship, our slipper solidarity, our sandal sentiment (Tyler's description) had come to an end.
Even though our our slipper solidarity has ended, Tyler and I will remain friends and make an effort to pray without the shoes. I miss my friend, and thank God that friendship has been given to us, friendship that goes beyond the durability of flip flop sandals.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things I love, in no particular order.

I love...
God and His Word
My immediate family
a good movie
a good book
Mimi's Cafe
black humor
Starbucks coffee
Christmas time
Choral music
New York City
different languages
little kids
French Toast with syrup
Pizza and Rootbeer
Family time
Hangin with my parents
My Dad's sermon
My mom's laugh and her cheerfulness
Church, Sundays
my church body
playing the guitar
sitting in the Cloud's spa at night when it is cold in Beaumont
The ocean
The mountains
Mel and Dorothy's and bbq
Salad and Breadsticks from the Olive Garden
Driving in my Jeep Liberty
Talking with Jenni, Art and Han
laughing at Madea with Ally
My boys Rico and Big Game James
Rachel Marshman
and singing with Rachel Marshman
Yada Yada(its are band name, lol)
My students
Especially the 4 muskateers, DB, T Nibbly, Curtis, and Drew
Talking about God with my students
especially Kristin
There are so many things in life to love. I am very blessed. This list could go on for 1,000 pages.

Friday, January 05, 2007

1,470 Years ago...

1,470 years ago a church was built in the east. I just visited that church. It is very rare to look at something that old, let alone behold a building that old.
Yes, the Hagia Sophia. Amazing. I am in Istanbul, Turkey which used to be Constantinople. It is hard to believe that I looked at a building that was finished in the year 537 AD.
So, anyway, I had a great New Years, visiting my sister who lives here in Istanbul. How did you spend your New Year?