Friday, November 30, 2007

My name is (insert name her), and I'm an anonymous commenter...

Welcome to the Anonymous Comment Recovery Center. Here at A.C.R.C. we would like to take this opportunity to say: we can help. This habitual problem of commenting anonymously can be annoying, abusing, and cowardly. We would like to introduce you to our 3 step recovery plan. This program is free and contributing to the success of bloggers everywhere!
Step 1: Look at yourself in the mirror and picture William Wallace. FREEDOM!!!!!!
Step 2: Man up.
Step 3: Leave your name on your comments.

This easy three step program will bring you the health of bloggers everywhere. Your opinion is wanted! You can do it, you can become free!

If you need to talk to one of our 24hour counseling representatives or speak with one of our graduated nameless bloggers: Call toll free at 1-800-i-have-a-name or email us for testimonials at

This program have been brought to you by Merea Price. Though her opinions and blog posts are simple, boring and not many read, she has been confronted with this dangerous disease on multiple occasions. Through her courageous and philanthropic journey, she has come up with this life-changing program that reaches out to the blog world in innovative ways.

NOTE: please do not think you are funny and post an anonymous comment on this post. I called it, you are not original, think of something more witty. And don't forget, LEAVE YOUR NAME.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have been so convicted to get back to the basics.

Live simply
Read the Bible
Tithe and give away
Love others

I overcomplicate so many things. Wanna join me?