Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oh Lord, I've given it my best, so take my love away....

I was working in my office this afternoon on assignments and organizational stuff, so my soundtrack of choice was a sermon by CJ Mahaney entitled "Do Not Love the World." I have heard CJ speak a few times now at the RESOLVED conference and I find that I am deeply challenged by his messages and that my affection for Christ is heightened by the truth of his sermons. God works through him.

The sermon is quite convicting and I began to think of all the ways that I love the world. Towards the end of the sermon, he points out that love for the world makes our love for God absent. I began to think over this. It is VERY sobering. He asked many questions that pierced my mind and heart.

Am I more concerned about being well-liked and popular than I am about the gospel truth?
Am I haughty about what I do and what I am good at?
Are my desires for worldly success and pleasure?

Mahaney points out that worldliness begins with examination of the heart, not the world. He says the world will dazzle you...

So I bought the Book "Worldliness."

I am really nervous to read this. Honestly. I am realizing that so much of my mind and heart are focussed on the things of this world and not on the things above. I focus on the fleeting instead of the will of God which is eternal.

AND the other day I took out my old Shane Barnard CD. There is a song on the album "Rocks Won't Cry," entitled "Take my Love Away." Take my love away from the World and Me. Oh Lord, I've given it my best, so take my love away....

Here I come Conviction, I hope you welcome me in and lay it on me easy. For I fear I will be spending alot of time with you in the next few days.

Please listen to that sermon. It is on the Sovereign Grace website. It is good for your good.