Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another day in the life of high school education...

I am a teacher. Everyday I love my job and everyday I hate my job. I suppose every job is like that. I have come to the conclusion that if the love moments outweigh the hate moments then I should say at all times, "I love my job." Everyday I come in and see 125 sophomores staring up at me ready to hear what I have to say. . .
Sometimes I get to be funny and I love when they laugh, shake their heads, roll their eyes at my dorkiness, and exclaim "I love this class!"

Sometimes I get to be firm, showing them when they are out of line, punishing them for doing something they shouldn't have, helping them learn how to respect.

Sometimes I get to be sad, like when I tell the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade or the millions of jews that were murdered. They sit in silence, listening, imagining, thinking.

Sometimes I get to be serious, discuss what is important in making a political decision, hearing them say what they think, challenging them to think deeper. Asking them what is really important in life, to different people, to God?

Sometimes I get to be real and tell them that my friend has died, I loved him, I cry and they encourage me.

Maybe it is them I love. Because they are there everyday smiling at me, saying hello, asking me for advice, laughing with me, learning with me and just being them.

Yes, yes I love my job. Because of them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"So, are you dating anyone?" No "Oh, well thats okay" Yes, yes I know.

So, for the 147 billionth time today, Valentine's Day, I had someone tell me: "You know that when I finally realized that I was content being single, God gave me my husband/wife. All you have to do is tell God, 'I am content being single' and you will really see him work in your life."

Hold up, wait a minute. WHATEVER. Just because people are single does not mean that we have not achieved some supernatural, super christian state where we can now recieve what God has been trying to give us, BUT, we just weren't content. I love(sarcastic) how people think that they earned or deserved the gift of marriage. Well, what about the GIFT of singleness? and I am so sure that peole who get married right out of college experienced true contentment with their singleness. Oh really? During college, surounded by all your closest friends, a few hundred peers, learning, and having the time of your life you experienced what REAL singleness is. It must have been so hard to come to grips with living single for the rest of your life. So in that moment of contentment you thought you achieved this forever state of "no matter what comes my way, I am content with singleness." Try being out of college for a few years, heck, living in your thirties, and handling most issues on your own.

ANYWAY, my whole point is... I hope that we singles realize that it is a gift for the time being. Amy Carmicheal, the Apostle Paul and many others who remained single their entire lives were so much more effective in the kingdom than many married people have been. Not that it is a comparison. One of my deepest longings is to be married. I really want to. Marriage is a good thing, and I can't wait, if God so chooses. And I have many respectable married friends and I am more than happy for them. I just want people to realize that single does not equal discontentment. Yes, I have times of discontentment, just like married girls, and I have times where I accept my position and submit my will to God. Lets encourage singles instead of feel sorry for them, lets learn from singles instead of think they have nothing to say, lets all appreciate God's choice for our lives and Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.