Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Stream of consciousness....

I wonder what it would be like to be really be known by another human. To be studied and thought about. To get to answer probing questions. To be loved enough to try and make sense of your mess. To not have to explain everything you do. When you are thinking, they know your thinking face. When you are sad, they know the right way to ask you about it. When you are worried, they tell you to stop, because they know that would encourage you and not make you angry. They would tell you the truth. You wouldn't have to explain yourself over and over. Misunderstandings would be few and far between, they would happen, but they would know you well enough to know that you would like to figure it out. They give you the benefit of the doubt. they understand that your tears aren't scary, they just come on often occasions. They would see your weaknesses and recognize their own, but love anyway. and even when they don't "know," they try to learn more...

I wonder what that would be like.


Mary-je said...

It's wonderful, that's what it's like. I have an unbelievably understanding, loving husband!

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CBreezy said...

Wow, God is SO AMAZING--crazy how He allowed me to stumbled upon this blog EXACTLY when I needed it. I've been strugglin' a lot with this topic lately, and it's just... It's just comforting to know that I'm not alone, ya know? That even God's children continue to wonder, and wait on His timing. Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

I wish for the same type of bond...when someone wants to know me...and gets to know me by almost analyzing me, but without prejudice...it would be great if I would get to know someone the same way...

It's funny how much I yearn for that feeling simply from picturing what it's like...

I loved your Stream of consciousness!!!
Thank you for it!!!

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Sweet Jane said...

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mj said...

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NewCreation said...

God is good.


Shadow Hunter said...

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Mark said...

This post puts in to words what I have been feeling for the past several weeks.

Becoming a Violet said...

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Bento Qasual said...

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Gostei do texto, parabéns!


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RompNstomp said...

i personally dont believe in god, not cause there is no proof, cause on teh flip side you cant say there is proof he dont exist. but i dont believe in him cause there is much to bad in this world

Sedra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sedra said...

That was probably the sweetest thing that I've read all day. Thank you, you just made my day :)

Lucy said...

Where have you gone!

Anonymous said...

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Biz said...

that was very sweet, i only wish i was a believer

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LaJoie from Thoughts of Joy said...


To know and be known is amazing. It's beautiful. But it won't make us happy. Until we find our complete satisfaction and happiness in the Lord, anything a human companion can do, no matter how amazing he is, will simply not be enough. I've learned this firsthand, and I can tell you that being single, but content in the arms of jesus is a thousand times better than being in a loving relationship but having your full dependance on your significant other. Only Jesus can satisfy. Only He can give perfect love. <3

That said, keep asking Him to prepare that special someone for someday! But in the meantime, dance with your heavenly father, and don't for a moment let anyone tell you that you're missing out! :)

God bless, sweet sister! :)

LaJoie :)

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Hoe said...

We do not even know ourselves, and why we feel negative at times. If we can understand and love ourselves, we would love others too.

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I know that feeling, I've felt it for years...

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