Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another day in the life of high school education...

I am a teacher. Everyday I love my job and everyday I hate my job. I suppose every job is like that. I have come to the conclusion that if the love moments outweigh the hate moments then I should say at all times, "I love my job." Everyday I come in and see 125 sophomores staring up at me ready to hear what I have to say. . .
Sometimes I get to be funny and I love when they laugh, shake their heads, roll their eyes at my dorkiness, and exclaim "I love this class!"

Sometimes I get to be firm, showing them when they are out of line, punishing them for doing something they shouldn't have, helping them learn how to respect.

Sometimes I get to be sad, like when I tell the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade or the millions of jews that were murdered. They sit in silence, listening, imagining, thinking.

Sometimes I get to be serious, discuss what is important in making a political decision, hearing them say what they think, challenging them to think deeper. Asking them what is really important in life, to different people, to God?

Sometimes I get to be real and tell them that my friend has died, I loved him, I cry and they encourage me.

Maybe it is them I love. Because they are there everyday smiling at me, saying hello, asking me for advice, laughing with me, learning with me and just being them.

Yes, yes I love my job. Because of them.


Sarah said...

That was beautiful - Thank you for putting so beautifully into words what I am just now learning through student teaching. I love it but I hate it all at the same time yet somehow your heart is always involved

Kristin said...

Seeing you everyday makes my job, as a student, enjoyable.

Samuel Blakey said...

PRICE!!!!!!!!! We all LOVE your class! I absolutely love history thanks to you. You are so AWESOME!!!