Friday, July 20, 2007

Pastor Dad

Dads are special. They love us, and care for us. Even when we are 26. My Dad has become my friend, my confidant, and my counselor. You know it is different when you are living completely on your own, how your relationship with your parents change. Slowly but surely you recognize their impact on your life, and that they are pretty cool people.

My Dad happens to be my Pastor as well. You know it is funny when he is at the pulpit, I see him as my pastor. I hear his words like everybody else and grow under his teaching. When he leaves town, I miss hearing his sermons. Besides, I think he is one of the greatest Bible teachers in the world, and I am not exaggerating. God has given him a gift of grace. The ability to communicate the deep truths of the Word to every type of person.

One thing I really like about my pastor is the privelage I have to speak with him almost whenever I want. I know that my Dad instructs his secretary that calls from his children can come through at all times and we can visit him whenever we need. He listens, loves, rebukes, counsels, intructs. I am so blessed. He gives me the truth of the Word and helps me figure out issues in my life. I value him as one of my best friends. A privelage that not many have with their pastor.

Dad, thanks for being a great dad and pastor to me.

More importantly I need to remember that I have access to the throne of God's grace. At any moment. At any location. He commands us to pray without ceasing. He promises that we can draw near with confidence to His throne and find grace to help in time of need. He loves us and promises to make us into the image of His Son. His Son, who is seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us! It is pretty stinkin awesome that we don't have to make an appointment to the creator of the universe. He sees His Son on us and says, come in! Sit on my lap, enjoy me while I love you. Wow. Thanks Dad, for showing me a little bit about the wonderful Heavenly Father we have. I love you.

Read my Dad's blog:


Conor McNamee said...

I agree, you do have a wonderful dad! I too am thankful for a dad that told me how much my heavenly father loves me! I am so glad I found y'alls blogs!
Hi to all,

walter price said...

Thanks, darlin'. I love you more than you know.


dawn carter said...

what a heart-warming post... it was great to meet you at chappy's going away shindig last week.

kim & chappy have amazing friends.

keep up the writing! what a blessing it was to read.

Mark and Stephanie said...

Great post Merea. Well said.


merea said...

Thanks Mark, Dawn and Koren! You guys are cool for reading my stuff.

adayinthelife said...

Merea you are great. I enjoy reading your blogs. You should blog like every other day. It was good to see you at the wedding. Enjoy these last few days with Allyson. I hope to see you soon!

Mark and Stephanie said...

did you change the name of your blog?

McNamee's said...

Only for reading your stuff?
Love, Koren

merea said...

Koren. I cannot even begin to express the depths of your coolness. So I decided to thank you for the little that I can. )

Mark and Steph,
Yes, I changed it. Love Actually is the name of a movie with inapropriate stuff in it. The only reason I am able to blog more is because I have the summer off. So enjoy it now, because once the school year starts, it will stop. So expect the blog to be spiced up a bit, plus even my Dad has one now. Blogging has become quite the big deal here in CA. Everyone tells me that they read it. I am inspired to write more.

Mark and Stephanie said...

I understand. Yes, I have recently been inspired to blog more as well. It is helpful in making me think things through more, and improve my writing.


Ronnie said...

I link your blog to mine, but you dont return the favor? real cool...