Monday, October 29, 2007

8 times a bridesmaid, never a bride?

Well, I hate that old saying: 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride. Its like saying, you are a good friend to people and you have good friends, so you are cursed. ha ha ha. Just kidding. But honestly. and for that matter, I caught two bouquets so far and thus began NOT believing in stupid superstitions from then on.

Anyways, just 2 weeks ago, one of my best friends in the entire world got married to a wonderful man. I had that honor of standing up for her in her wedding. This is now the 8th time I have been a bridesmaid. I love it!!!!! I am so blessed with so many dear friends. I suppose if I ever get married one day, my husband better have a lot of friends, because my side will ber overflowing with attendents. I do not say this to boast about anything, but to boast in the blessings of God. I was sitting in my dress at a time in the reception when the Groom and Bride dance thinking that God has been so good to me. I wouldn't have made it through college if it weren't for my girl Kim. Same goes for all the other weddings I have had the pleasure of being in. I love being there on their special day, I rejoice with them, cry and prepare with them. It is such a blast. Seeing God's provision in providing each one a man that really fits them. God is so omniscient. Just wanted to say so. He knows all to well what we need. Can't wait to see who will be next. I say, a billion times a bridemaid, the better bride you'll be.

"This is our God, we have waited for Him,
and together we will grow, in joy and strength and hope,
and together we will show what He's bestowed
so I will stand beside you
as we walk now, hand in hand
watching as His beauty shines through, living out His masterplan,
This is our God."

-part of the song I wrote for James and Kim's special union. I love you guys. I am so blessed.


Conor & Koren said...

I like that song! I love your posts! keep it up! Much love from the whole family here in Ukraine. Conor

hannah's mom said...

so, is there somewhere/somehow that someone night be able to hear this song you wrote?

Red Ink and Vibrato said...

Not surprisingly, I LOVE this blog!!

Anonymous said...

so, did you actually believe the superstitions before that?!!

merea said...

Dear anonymous,
I dedicated a blog to you. Join the ACRC, you need help.

No, I don't believe, nor have I ever believed, in superstitions. It was just a funny intro. sheesh.

Anissa said...

Oh Merea! I love you friend! Thanks so much for being so faithful and still being so excited to be a bridesmaid! I'm only at 4, but with every phone call of new engagements I am challenged to be SO EXCITED and I am thankful that God has given me the grace to be a blessing to those friends. I agree wit you... "a billion times a bridesmaid, the better the bride!" You are a blessing! love reading the blog, friend! Tell Kim I say congrats!!

Roxanna Grimes said...

hi Merea, I was a bridesmaid 15 times. So, there ya go. I need to call you soon. Rox

Anonymous said...

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