Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Roommates Extraordinaire!

So I have been meaning to blog about these two amazing girls that God has sent me. They are so fun and in a time where I felt like a lot of my friends were not there anymore, God brought them into my life. So Colleen and Sarah, thank you for loving me through my flaws, making me laugh and helping me feel like I have a home with you every night. I love you both.

Also, I got a new computer and we were messing around with imovie the other night. We thought we would demonstrate 3 different emotions and then we decided to put funny music and sound effects to it. This is why we have so much fun!!!!!!! Yes, we know, total cheese, but amazing fun.


mary - \'mar-e\ n.(1980) - said...

MEREA PRICE! you are hilarious! Erik and I laughed so hard at you krazy kids! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cool

Kevin said...

this is the funniest thing ever. i watched it 5 times. just thought id let you know