Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Until there's no one left who has ever known us apart...

There is an off broadway musical called "The Last Five Years." Here is my favorite song. Its called "the Next Ten Minutes." You don't have to read, if you're not a romantic. I am, so are my many friends=) So sappy, but so beautiful, the music is even better. =)

The Boy, Jamie, sings:

Will you share your life with me

For the next ten minutes?

For the next ten minutes

We can handle that

We could watch the waves

We could watch the sky

Or just sit and wait

As the time ticks by

And if we make it till then

Can I ask you again

For another ten?

And if you in turn agree

To the next ten minutes

And the next ten minutes

Till the morning comes

Then just holding you

Might compel me to

Ask you for more

There are so many lives I want to share with you

I will never be complete until I do


I'm not always on time

Please don't expect that from me

I will be late

But if you can just wait

I will make it eventually

Not like it's in my control

Not like I'm proud of the fact

But anything other than being exactly on time

I can do

I don't know why people run

I don't know why things fall through

I don't know how anybody survives in this life

Without someone like you

I could protect and preserve

I could say no and goodbye

But why, Jamie, why?

I want to be your wife

I want to bear your child

I want to die

Knowing I

Had a long, full life in your arms

That I can do

Forever, with you


Will you share your life with me

For the next ten lifetimes?


Till there's no one left

Who has ever known us apart


lanaya said...

wow merea. that was so pretty.t hanks for sharing. and i appreciated the song...cuz i am a sappy romantic too. :-)

Shaun, Erica, & Isaac said...

I'm right there with you Miss Merea! So sweet! I love reading your blog and catching up on your life.