Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I think that most quoted verse in our nation right now among the young people is "don't judge, lest you be judged." There is actually a shirt that a band put out that says in big white letters, "DON"T YOU JUDGE ME!" Along with being the most quoted, I think it might be one of the most misused.

Recently I was in a conversation in which the other person said, "I can't judge them, who am I to say what is right and wrong?" I suppose that person is right if we define it right. We do NOT decide what is right and wrong, that's true. God does. However, I think most people who say things like this mean that they have no right to tell people what is right and wrong because, according to them, that would be judging. I disagree. and I think I have cause for my complaint.

We are not the ones that can determine what is right and what is wrong, God does. BUT He wrote it down for us. In the Bible. Telling us how to live, where our morality should point, and how we should think. The Bible is clear about what is right and wrong. Guess what? We can read it. Actually, He commands us to know it, love it, and even TEACH it. What? You mean teach what is right and what is wrong???? No way, thats not my place, I can't judge, blah, blah, blah.......

Yes. Teaching the truth of God's Word is teaching what is right and what is wrong. If something or someone is rebelling against what it says, it is wrong. We should, as the scripture says, minister TRUTH in LOVE. Always loving, always remembering that we were great sinners, but we have a great Savior. and He has made our wrongs disappear by the power of His blood. The best thing we can do for someone is to point them to the Great Judge, who saw them in their wrong and sent a Son to erase their wrong.

I do believe there are some who judge wrongly and we should make sure we avoid that. However, so many trade the opportunity to share truth because they don't want to offend.

Offending is not judging.
Standing up for right and wrong is not judging.
Speaking truth is not judging.

We can know what is right and wrong and speak about it. We cannot judge. That's God's job. See the difference?


Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Very well said Merea.:)

hannah's mom said...

merea, that was so well written. It's a topic that mike and I have had lots of good conversations about. It's good to hear (read) that other people feel the same way.

I hope that school is going well.
Love, Ash

Red Ink and Vibrato said...

I LOVE THIS. Beautifully said, my friend.