Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm in Ukraine.... Hi Koren.

We are here, it is going well. I am feeling better. We are planting trees today at the orphanage and the students are doing a great job with everything. Pray for us! Jenni, tell Bas, Jon and Rick that I hope the praise night goes well.

I miss everybody. Love everybody.

Curtis, just read your blog from Ukraine. Ho-made fries? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.



Anonymous said...

We miss you Merea. I missed you this morning at church:( I hope you're having fun. Thank you for the blog. I didn't talk to Rick and Bas this morn but I'll try to email them to say you hope things went well.

Conor and Koren said...

Oh, I wish we would have known. We drove through the Kiev region today after a weekend of visiting other churches and friends. I could've brought you some homemade cookies or a big juicy burger or something. Oh well, maybe next time. Love you girl and hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

pricemom said...

Glad all is well. We miss you!

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