Friday, January 05, 2007

1,470 Years ago...

1,470 years ago a church was built in the east. I just visited that church. It is very rare to look at something that old, let alone behold a building that old.
Yes, the Hagia Sophia. Amazing. I am in Istanbul, Turkey which used to be Constantinople. It is hard to believe that I looked at a building that was finished in the year 537 AD.
So, anyway, I had a great New Years, visiting my sister who lives here in Istanbul. How did you spend your New Year?


Kimmysun said...

are you back yet?

Mark and Stephanie said...

Merea the playa!

Hey friend - I just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing your challenging thoughts with the world wide web. I missed seeing you, but I'm looking forward to your visit to Kentucky :) I hope your new semester has started off well. Lets catch up soon.

Love ya,

Anissa said...

hey! I'm excited to have found your blog! thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm looking forward to hearing more!!!