Saturday, January 03, 2009


This new year's eve I went to a happenin party. Swing dancing 30's theme. There was also a time of worship to ring the new year in, and I was able to sing and play the piano in the band. I suppose the highlight of the night for me was one line, in one song we played....

He will wipe away your tears and return your wasted years.... This is our God.

Do you ever feel like you have wasted time? I do.

I hope I focus less on myself, my desires, my longings and my dreams.... and more on others. This is that place that I have wasted an extremely large amount of my time. What do I want to do? Why is nothing happening to me that I want to happen to me? It seems that any deep desire I have is not coming true.

A wise woman, my mother, once told me that pride is selfish focus on yourself. Whether it is puffing yourself up or pitying yourself.

It was my sophomore year of high school. All girls go through a self loathing period in high school in which they think nothing goes their way, everyone is prettier than them, their parents hate them, no boys like them, and the world revolves around them. Don't lie girls, you remember it. I remembering going through one of those self loathing times, and my mom told me, "You know Merea, you're being really prideful right now." WHAT?!!!!!! I hate myself, I'm not prideful!!! lol. Then she gently explained to me my unhealthy fixation on myself and MY life is selfish. I will never forget that conversation as long as I live.

It is sooooo true and we women(I say women because I've never been a man, but I'm sure they are the same) need that reminder so often. Especially in our self-loving, self-worshipping culture.

Christ died for every bitter thought and every evil deed so we have no guilt in life and no fear in death...

May we take captive every thought this year.... and watch God restore the wasted years.....

Happy New Year friends. Thanks for reading....


Conor and Koren said...

Hi Merea! Yes we got your eyejot. Did you get our Hark the Harold one? I sent it to Curt on Christmas Eve so you could all watch it together that night, but he told me his email didn't work that night. Did you ever see it? If not I'll try to resend it.
Love you!

The Marshmans said...

so good, thanks for the word!

Alex and Marcella said...

Thanks for the reminder to think of others! :)

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