Saturday, October 28, 2006

I love Jeff and Rachel Marshman

I just wanted to share with the blog world that I love Jeff and Rachel Marshman. Rachel has been an amazing friend to me in the last year. Jeff, Rachel and I have played music together, led worship places together, ate dinner on Thursday nights together, started a small group at our church, and really had fun. Don't know what I'd do without them.
It is awesome how God provides you with the people you need in your life to encourage you and just talk about the faithfulness of God. I appreciate them for listening when I had to share some life frustrations and I appreciate them for rejoicing with me.
Their 1 year old daughter Georgia is the greatest kid in the world. Maybe I could be an adopted aunt or something.


Lindsey Cooper said...

Ok, Merea. It's been over a month since your last post. I think it's about time you get on it. If you're stumped on what to write about I have a few suggestions:

1. A list of thanksgiving
2. Christmas
3. The coolness of your friend, Lindsey Cooper
4. Post some pictures...they take up space and only need a small caption explaining the said picture
5. Things you've been learning lately. (You probably don't know this, but you are very challenging and encouraging when you share your heart and challenge the pants off of me...not literally but close)

Ok, so there's a few. If you need more let me know. I miss you Merea. I hope things are going well friend.

Rachel Marshman said...

Dearest Marea,
Man you're all over the place on the web! It's exciting and comforting to have the web when it comes to living so far away! It eases the lonelyness you know!