Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new york state of mind

I went to New York City for the first time last December. It had been my dream for a long time to visit the city, and yes, it surpassed all my expectations. I want to live there for awhile, attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, and teach english to people who don't know it.

The city is the best and even better at Christmas time. My three friends and I decided to go and my father has a friend who works at a small theatre off Times Square. He let us stay there for an unreal price. Thanks to my dad's connection.

I don't know what was my favorite, seeing Central Park, ice skating in Bryant park while looking right up at the Empire State building, seeing 3 Broadway shows, the Brooklyn Tab Choir, the subway entertainment, or simply just being in the city.

Yes, I can truly say....I love New York.

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Melissa chapman said...

New York would be a dream come true for me...getting away on holiday would be a dream come true for me.